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Evidence-Based Practice

Collecting and Cleaning Data for Your Review

This class will provide an overview of the data collection process for your review – whether scoping or systematic. The importance of data cleaning for consistency to ensure accurate identification of comparable outcome measures across studies and how to do so will be discussed. We will review the process and tools to use, discuss recommended practices, and share lessons learned. Participants will receive resources and information on recommended practices for performing this important step in your review.

Establishing Your Eligibility Criteria and Conducting the Screening and Risk of Bias Steps in Your Review

This class will provide a comprehensive look into critical steps of the review process – establishing your inclusion and exclusion criteria and then using those criteria to conduct the screening steps to select relevant studies for your review. We will discuss completing the risk of bias assessment, a key feature of systematic reviews. Participants will receive resources and information on best practice for performing these steps to facilitate an effective and rigorous review.

Cindy Sheffield

Cindy began her library career at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions with a focus on Evidenced Based Medicine. She progressed in roles while serving the Welch Medical Library, leaving Hopkins as the Associate Director of Education Services. Cindy went on to work at several federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Advanced Embase Training

Embase is a biomedical and pharmacological database covering international literature from 1947 to present. Embase includes citations and unique indexing for drugs not found in PubMed. This advanced training session will focus on using Embase for general literature searching, and will cover how to use the database’s embedded tools to design advanced queries for systematic reviews and adverse drug reactions.

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